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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Holidays

Well, our summer holidays are officially over and I'm feeling all "Little Miss Pouty Pants" about it. I waited all summer for those 2 weeks and it was over in a flash.

Unfortunately, I don't have any successful culinary adventures in the kitchen to report, but I do have one culinary misadventure. This is what happens when you try to bake cupcakes for your friend's baby's first birthday only to discover the ill-equipped kitchen in the house you've rented has no muffin tins. Or cake pans.

I remembered reading on a food blog that muffin tins were not necessary to bake cupcakes. 
Simply double the cupcake liners and bake on a cookie sheet. So I tried that.  

It was a hot mess. 

Perhaps they meant foil liners. I'm open to ridicule. 

I stressed about their appearance for approximately 0.7 seconds. Then I handed the bowl of icing and the shaker of sprinkles to my kids and said, "Go for it". I was on holidays after all.  Besides, once they mucked them up I could wash my hands of responsibility for their appearance. And I did just that.

Totally not above throwing my kids under the bus when it comes to my kitchen mishaps. And they're too young to understand anyway so they can't even defend themselves. It works out for everyone.

Luckily the birthday boy wasn't picky. Note how my subjects are blurry in this picture and yet, I managed to get the other camera's view finder in focus. That's raw talent. 

So, wanna see what kept me out of the kitchen for the past 2 weeks? 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Happens...

Judging from my last 2 posts, and the then the long silence that ensued on my end, one might have assumed that I had fallen prey to a self-induced sugar coma. Not true. I've been around - I just haven't been blogging. I'm like that. Sometimes I chatter so much you wish I'd shut up, and then the next time you see me I'm subdued and quiet. It confuses people. They'll ask, "Are you alright?" "Is anything wrong?" Nope. I just have nothing to say. It's that simple. Don't take it personally.

So, what have I been up to? Well, getting ready for our holiday. We leave on Sunday and we take a lot of stuff, cause we need it. For instance, we need to have our espresso maker so my husband can make me a Bailey's lattes every morning. We need our margarita maker too, no explanation required. You get the picture. I've been packing like crazy and I cannot wait to unwind.  But...mostly I've been experimenting with my new camera. We are having a love affair my camera and I. My husband bought if for my birthday in June and it hasn't once been put away. I take pictures of everything. Seriously. Everything.

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