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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Happens...

Judging from my last 2 posts, and the then the long silence that ensued on my end, one might have assumed that I had fallen prey to a self-induced sugar coma. Not true. I've been around - I just haven't been blogging. I'm like that. Sometimes I chatter so much you wish I'd shut up, and then the next time you see me I'm subdued and quiet. It confuses people. They'll ask, "Are you alright?" "Is anything wrong?" Nope. I just have nothing to say. It's that simple. Don't take it personally.

So, what have I been up to? Well, getting ready for our holiday. We leave on Sunday and we take a lot of stuff, cause we need it. For instance, we need to have our espresso maker so my husband can make me a Bailey's lattes every morning. We need our margarita maker too, no explanation required. You get the picture. I've been packing like crazy and I cannot wait to unwind.  But...mostly I've been experimenting with my new camera. We are having a love affair my camera and I. My husband bought if for my birthday in June and it hasn't once been put away. I take pictures of everything. Seriously. Everything.


I noticed the Barbie sticking out of the drawer after the kids had 'cleaned' up their mess. 
I found it amusing. Clearly, it was a slow day.

This crazy beautiful flower was in my flower bed. Isn't it insane? I love it.
I think I must have taken about 75 shots of it. 

My daughter had to see for herself what all the fuss was about.

Nope.  I did not tell her that her that the flower stained her face yellow.

We found this on one of my plants... I told you I've been shooting everything. 
Even bugs. I was stared in horror and my kids stared in amazement. 
I was literally plotting its death while my daughter marveled about the fact that it would transform itself into a butterfly. References to "The Hungry Caterpillar" were made, 
and so I kept my thoughts to myself. It continues to eat my plants.

My father-in-law turned 70 and I baked him a  Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with 
Milk Chocolate Fudge frosting even though he doesn't like dessert. That's his problem. 
I needed a reason to bake cake and he was it. He liked it too. It was super yummy ... 
(recipe to follow at some point). 
I took it outside to get some shots in the natural light.

I had an audience. An audience that figured I was too busy with my camera 
to notice all the little finger marks he was making in my 'subject'. 

Apparently he thinks if he's dressed like a super hero he's invisible...

That's him.

Not a word about his ridiculous pajamas. I mean it. 
When you're 2 the laws of fashion don't apply, right? 
Besides, they were a gift. I had no part in it. I swear to God.

Remember her? That's our little miss Daisy. 
That's what she looked like at the beginning of the summer.

Here's what she looks like now. Despite her mature appearance, she's still a hooligan. 
Notice the flower pots in the background are empty? That's her handy work.
She made it her mission to destroy all 3 of my beautiful flower pots. 
She was successful.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell I invited more chaos into my house. 
But she's worth it. Honest. 

Hubby bought an airplane for the kids.

Yeah. I TOTALLY believe that. It's for the 'kids'. Whatev.

There have been water slides and water fights in our backyard... 
(Can I just point out the naturally athletic physique of my gorgeous niece and nephew 
and then point out my son in the bottom right hand corner? 
I know he's only 2 but I'm just sayin...)

Here's my beautiful girl...I have no words.

And here's my little man sans Spiderman mask.

He's the best cuddler in the world. He's all mine.

We leave first thing tomorrow morning and I'm dreading our 8 hour drive to the house we've rented in Kelowna. But I'm so excited to finally get there I can't even talk about it. Who knows, maybe I'll get creative in the kitchen and have something exciting to blog about but don't be surprised if I'm silent again for the next few weeks. 

Or perhaps I'll gloat and post pictures of our fabulous holiday. Pictures of me lounging poolside with a girly drink in my hand. Or not. We'll see.

Until next time...

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  1. I just loved your pictures, you've got a heck of a good camera, I enjoy taking pictures as well.....Loved the pictures of the kids, they were just wonderful.......wanted to tell you that I made the Mars Bars twice now and have increased the Rice Crispies by one cup, and decreased the butter by a slab, found it very rich but so very yummmy......for my hips I am going to try to eliminate the chocolate on the top, just trying it not saying I will stick to it.....Love your chattering, you should be a writer.....Tante Clem


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