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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lost Smile

This is my daughter. I love her to bits and then some. 
It seems, however, that she's completely lost her ability to smile whenever a camera is pointed at her. 
Well, she's lost her ability to smile like a normal person, that is. 
Sometimes I get lucky and I capture a moment before she has a chance to process the fact that a picture is being taken.
But as soon as she's aware that the camera is out, it all just goes down hill fast. 
I have to trick her and casually take pictures of everything around her, pretending not to notice her. Then I surprise her by quickly pointing the camera in her direction and shooting. This process is a bit tedious but it works because it deprives her of the opportunity to "pose".
But as soon as she becomes aware of the camera being pointed at her something strange happens to her face.
It's problematic. 
She used to be able to deliver her crazy beautiful smile on command. At any given time, if I needed to fill a frame, I had my pick of dozens upon dozens of beautiful pictures of her amazing smile.
But those days are clearly over.
I guess it's candid pictures or photography trickery from here on out.
God help me.


  1. She's so beautiful! How old is she? My three-year-old is the same way. As soon as he sees the camera (IF he doesn't just run off, as he does 80% of the time), I get the eyes-closed, cheesy fake smile.

  2. Thanks Abby - I think she's pretty precious. She's 5. School photos were a bit of a challenge this year too. : ) Let's hope they grow out of this phase soon.

  3. I am having a hard time typing this as i have tears blocking my view. Those are priceless and I always thought you just said she was doing this to make me feel better about Kenedi's smile problem..... The last one is PRICELESS!! Sweet Sweet Ryan - Aunty loves you!

  4. Oh my god I just loved the last picture so much, how funny can she get, she is such a beautiful little gal, thank you for sharing this.
    Love, Tante Clem

  5. So funny and cute! It looks like she is trying to do "a little old lady" face!


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