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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday to My Sweetie

My sweet girl,

Today is your 5th birthday.  What a milestone we've reached, you're officially a little girl now, no longer my baby. When you blew out your candles at your party on Saturday, you turned to me and said, "I'm five now mom?" You can't wait to grow up, and I can't stop wishing for a pause button. 

You believe in fairy tales and princesses asleep in towers.  You look at mommy and daddy's wedding picture in front of City Hall and think it's a castle. You think that when dad says he's going to work to 'make money' that he is literally making money at work. Oh, how I'll miss your innocence. 

You can't wait to get "bigger" so you can wear mommy's clothes and drive my car, you don't know that by then they'll have lost their appeal. You like your cereal dry and served on a plate. You've insisted on wearing a headband every day for well over a year now. You only eat your vegetables raw and that's still a struggle. I'm no longer allowed to kiss you in public, unless I'm saying goodbye. Your favorite food is fries. You love using scotch tape for your crafts and go through, on average, 2 rolls a week. Your favorite restaurant is Earl's and you call it "Girls".  I don't correct you because I like your version better. You sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" twice to your brother every night before bed. You bring your pillow into my room and climb into bed with me every morning. It's my favorite part of our day.  Your laugh warms me to my very core.

I can't press pause, and I know that all these things, although ingrained in our daily routine now, will eventually fade away into something new. So many changes are coming, I'm bracing myself, I am. But some things do stay the same...you will always be precious, and you'll always be my 'little' girl. There are no words for how much I love you.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!



  1. Congratulations, Mommy! Just as your little girl has reached a great milestone, you have accomplished something amazing!!

  2. Made me cry. I hope Ryann had a very special 5th birthday.. and good for you for documenting these things so you can laugh about it with her as she gets older!

    Love you all.
    "Aunty Tim"


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